AutoMATE | Parallel Chemistry for independent control and monitoring

AutoMATE II | Parallel chemistry on a linear platform

AutoMATE multi-reactor system

Chemistry platforms with independently controlled zones, offering both high and low-pressure solutions.  Options of 2, 4, 6 or 8 zones available, with the facility to mix and match up to 8 different reactors and vials, low and high pressure.

The multi reactor system with AutoMATE allows for independent temperature control and monitoring for each reactor as well as over 100 ºC range at any time.  The choice of bottom (magnetic) and/or overhead stirring is provided.

The system is capable of almost limitless expansion of features, enabling applications such as calorimetry, distillation, multiple feeds, hydrogenation, and other pressure reactions and crystallization studies.

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Key Features

  • Ideal for demanding glass and pressure applications
  • Temperature range of -80 º C to +250 º C / 500 º C
  • Over 100 º C difference between reactors
  • Vials, flasks and custom reactors up to 500 ml
  • Mix and match, up to 8 different reactors and vials, low and high pressure
  • Selectable overhead and/or magnetic agitation


Each sample is separate with its own temperature sensor and controller. Thus, temperatures can be independently set and controlled with a temperature range of over 100º C at any time.

To achieve temperatures below ambient, chilled fluid must be added which lowers the operating.



Magnetic stirring

Traditional stirring with magnetic bars (fleas) is possible in AutoMATEs, especially when small vessels or vials are used. The larger “suspended” stirrers are ideal for slurries, typically in vessels above 75ml due to the stronger magnets and motors in AutoMATEs compared to PolyBLOCKs.


Suspended mechanical stirring

Good mixing of liquids and suspensions is possible using “suspended” stirrers, especially with larger vessels.


Overhead stirring

This can be provided instead of, or in addition to, bottom stirring.


Measurements and control for
  • pH
  • Liquid dosing
  • Gas feed
  • Pressure control
  • Sampling
  • Real-time PAT feedback
  • Reaction calorimetry
  • Particle sizing

Reactor options for process screening, optimization, and scale-up

HEL’s multi-reactor platforms accept a wide range of reactors including HPLC vials, test tubes, reaction tubes, flasks, custom reactor vessels, and even high-pressure vessels. Working volumes can range from as little as 1ml all the way up to 500 ml fully stirred reaction vessels.

Vials and Tubes

  • Volumes between 1ml and 30ml.
  • Agitated with magnetic fleas or suspended stirrers


Reflux and inerting manifold and block

  • Easy quick-connect solution for condensing and inerting in larger reactors
  • One connection for inert gas and water supply
  • Allows use of traditional condensers
  • Seals allow condensers to be removed without cooling liquid spillage
    Also available reflux and inerting block, with adapters for vials, tubes and reactors.


Online, real-time calorimetry

Innovative online real-time calorimetry is possible in each of the individual reactors.  The methodology is based on classical heat flow theory and is integrated into the software.
The heat flow results are displayed in real-time as reactions are completed.  The online user guide enables any chemist to use this feature without prior knowledge of calorimetry.
The system is particularly suited for smaller reactors but can be applied to any system – including HEL’s parallel chemistry platforms.

Full control of up to 8 reaction zones, with real-time data

HEL’s WinISO software for controlling parallel reaction systems offers ease of use, with a choice of interfaces

  • Choice of touch screen or conventional PC / Laptop interface
  • Real-time editing of ramp rates, run times and set points
  • Data is easily exported to Excel or similar packages for further analysis
  • The option of full recipe design, with multi-user interface





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