BioVIS - Real-Time Total Cell Density & Biomass Monitoring Probe

BioVIS | Real-time total cell density & biomass monitoring probe

The BioVIS probes give you the measurement of cell growth and total biomass directly from your bioreactor.  With no need for sampling, you will avoid contaminating your cell cultures.  At the same time, you’ll get higher resolution information about the growth profile of your cells, giving you valuable insights that will help you to optimize your cell culture processes.

The plug and play design are suitable for use in any bioreactor and the probe is a single, portable unit.  For multiple bioreactors, whatever the size, the BioVIS Multiplex can track your total cell density across all your parallel cultures.  With the integrated data logging option, further temperature and pH monitoring capabilities are available.

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– No need for sampling or dilutions, simplifying measurements and reducing contamination risks
– Monitor and log total cell density in any bioreactor
– No reduction in cell culture media volume due to sampling
– Probe lengths for any size vessel

Download the BioVIS brochure



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