AutoLAB Flex | Bench Scale Research Reactors From 100 ml to 5 L

AutoLAB Flex | Research Reactors from 100 ml to 5 L

The AutoLAB Flex from H.E.L is an adaptable, flexible, easy to use research reactors system. Provided with a user-friendly touchscreen control interface, it allows full control and data logging, with graphic data displays that can be integrated into other reporting and analysis software.


Innovative & expandable system, building on 25 years experience in reactor design

Quick Specifications

Vessel Range: 100 ml – 5 L
Temp Range :  -80 0 C to +250 0 C
Stirring:           100 to 2000 rpm



Several degrees of freedom to adjust for different vessel sizes (up to 5 L) and stirrer motors without the use of tools. All standard motor designs and glassware are accommodated motors commonly supplied have computer interface as well as manual control and display torque change.


Quick Oil Drainage

The custom design pin allows oil to be drained quickly and effortlessly from vessel jacket and oil pipes. This allows circulators, oil pipes and vessels to be exchanged easily.


Easy Vessel Exchange

Vessels of different sizes and types can be exchanged easily without any tools or oil spillage.  After the oil has been drained, vessel change becomes simple and fast:

  • Quick-release fitting on reactor side-arm frees the vessel from the oil pipe.
  • Oil pipe support ensures there is no stress on vessel side-arm at any time.
  • Tool-less self-aligning stirrer coupling, allows stirrer motor to be moved aside safely and easily
  • Quick-release lid clamp allows easy removal of probes & lid



Extra features can be added at any time including computer control, extra glassware, different stirrer types, and more reactor vessels.



Release clamp allows reactor support rods to be released for convenient packing and transporting of assembly.


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