ASU | Automated Sampling Unit- Automatic Removal Samples

ASU | Automated Sampling Unit

The direct online automated sampling of your reactor system for automatic removal of samples of liquids or slurries

The Automatic Sampling Unit (ASU) enables the automatic removal of samples of liquids or slurries from small or large vessels. It offers six or more samples (with multiple units), at user-defined intervals.

The ASU can be operated from the built-in keypad, or remotely via a PC. Complete integration with H.E.L’s WinISO control software, keeping control of all systems in a single program. The ASU can be used with any size/style reactor.  There is no need to be present to sample reactions, allowing experiments to be run unattended or overnight.

The Automated Sampling Unit is easy to use, with easy to change sampling tubes and has options for incorporating quenching/dilution.

ASU includes:
  • Sampling unit
  • One sampling tube for each vial
  • Collection of vials (sample volume from 0.2 to 2 ml)
  • Dedicated controller (standalone, PC or touchscreen)


Safe and easy automated removal of liquid or slurry samples from any size reactor

  • Portable, compact unit, takes samples on any reactor when you want
  • Six or more (with multiple units) samples, at user-defined intervals
  • Liquid and slurry samples possible
  • No cross-contamination
  • Dilution/quench included
  • Integrated touchpad controller


ASu Automated Sampling Unit.pdf

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